Yojna IAS Geography For UPSC and IAS Exam Book

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geography books for IAS prelims

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Yojna IAS indian and world Geography for upsc environment and ecology book general studies for upscIAS civil service exam

Yojna IAS Geography For UPSC and IAS Exam Book

Geography may be a comprehensive listing of all potential terms and ideas of geographics organized in alphabetical order, with elaborate explanations given for every term. Written by an issue knowledgeable this book has many bestselling books on geographics to his credit, the compilation would facilitate teachers, researchers, aspirants of civil services examinations and people with Associate in world lasting passion for the topic.

Yojna IAS indian and world Geography for upsc environment and ecology book general studies for upscIAS civil service exam

Geography is enclosed for candidates getting ready for Civil Services and State Services Examination. With the ever-changing landscapes and dynamism within the world, The book provides insight on updated physical, social, and geographics Of Asian nations and therefore the world. The book has been cautiously revised to bridge the gap between static and current content. this edition is updated with theories concerning the worldly origin, statistics on scheme and GPS strengthens the primary Chapter topics on covid-19, amphan cyclone, caa & nrc, General land use, wastelands and degraded lands, agricultural policy, land reforms, innovations in Agriculture and production share of assorted farming crops in Asian nation are completely updated. Supported with a large list of maps and diagrams, this book satisfies the necessity of not solely competitive examinations however additionally teachers and students.


The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the All India administrative civil service. IAS officers hold key and strategic positions in the Union Government, States governments and public-sector undertakings.Like in various countries following a Parliamentary system, IAS as the permanent bureaucracy in India forms an inseparable part of the executive branch of the Government of India, thus providing continuity and neutrality to the administration.

Syllabus Geography For UPSC and IAS Exam Book

  • Basics of India
  • Location, latitude, longitude, time zone, etc.
  • Neighbours
  • Important straits
  • States and their position
  • States with international boundaries
  • Physical features
  • The Himalayas – geological formation, climate, vegetation, soil, biodiversity, physiographic divisions, major passes, significance
  • The Great North Indian Plains – geological formation, physiographic divisions, climate, vegetation, soil, biodiversity, significance
  • Peninsular Plateau – geological formation, Central Highlands, Deccan Plateau, Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats
  • Indian Desert
  • Coastal plains and islands
  • River systems
  • Himalayan rivers
  • Peninsular rivers
  • River basins
  • Regional development and planning
  • Hydropower projects, major dams
  • West-flowing and east-flowing rivers
  • Interlinking of rivers
  • Climate
  • Monsoons – driving mechanism, El Nino, La Nina
  • Seasons
  • Cyclones
  • Minerals and industries – mineral distribution, industrial policies, location
  • Agriculture
  • Land utilisation
  • Types of agricultural practices
  • Green revolution
  • Soils and crops
  • Irrigation
  • Land reforms
  • Animal husbandry
  • Government schemes
  • Natural vegetation and fauna
  • Classification of natural vegetation
  • Rainfall distribution in India
  • Biosphere reserves, national parks, etc.
  • Red-listed species
  • Economic infrastructure
  • Transportation (highways, inland waterways, etc.)
  • Power and energy sector
  • Conventional and non-conventional sources of energy
  • Energy conservation
  • Human Geography
  • Demographics
  • Recent census
  • World Geography
  • Major natural regions
  • Regional geography of developed countries
  • Regional geography of developing countries
  • Regional geography of South Asia
  • Physical Geography
  • Geomorphology
  • Origin of the earth
  • Interior of the earth
  • Types and characteristics of rocks
  • Folding and Faulting
  • Volcanoes, earthquakes
  • Interior of the earth
  • Weathering
  • Landforms formed by fluvial, aeolian and glacial actions
  • Climatology
  • Atmosphere – structure and composition
  • Temperature
  • Pressure belts of the Earth
  • Wind systems
  • Clouds and types of rainfall
  • Cyclones and anti-cyclones
  • Major climatic types
  • Oceanography
  • Ocean relief
  • Temperature, salinity
  • Ocean deposits
  • Ocean currents
  • El Nino and La Nina
  • Waves and tides
  • Biogeography
  • Soil – origin and types
  • Major biomes of the world
  • Ecosystem, food chain
  • Environmental degradation and conservation
  • Human Geography
  • Man & environment; relationship, growth and development of human geography; determinism and possibilism
  • Population, tribes, migration
  • Economic activities – agriculture, manufacturing, industries, tertiary activities
  • Settlements, urbanisation, functional classification of towns, million-cities and megacities
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    Soft Copy Notes : Geography Books For IAS Prelims

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geography books for ias prelims

Yojna IAS Geography For UPSC and IAS Exam Book

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