Yojna IAS History and Economics For UPSC and IAS Exam Book

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history and economics books for UPSC

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UPSC IAS is considered as the toughest and most prestigious competitive examination conducted across the country for History and Economics. To score good in IAS examination, candidates need best guides for each and every subject for History and Economics For UPSC and IAS Exam Book.

Yojna IAS History and Economics for UPSC and IAS Exam Book

Yojna IAS series of books and guides covers the entire syllabus precisely and helps you score well. To crack the toughest competitive examination like IAS, choosing the best and proper books is very essential. Here we’d mentioned about the best History and Economics Book for UPSC IAS Exam, History and Economics by Yojna IAS.

What is IAS Examination:-

IAS (Indian Administrative Service)  or UPSC CSE is conducted by Union Public Service Commission for recruiting candidates for civil services like IPS, IAS, IFS, etc.  It is the toughest exam in India. UPSC IAS exam is conducted in three levels: Prelims, Mains, followed by interview or personality test.
Eligibility criteria for the exam are as follows:
Nationality – Indian
Maximum Attempts – For general and EWS Category: 6
                                        For OBCs: 9
Age Limit – 21 to 32 years
Educational Qualification – Graduation from any authorized university or college

History Optional in UPSC:-

History is one of the most popular and scoring optional subject for UPSC IAS Examination. History optional subject is included in UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains General Studies as well.
Choosing the optional subject is an important step towards your selection in the exam. Syllabus of History optional is very vast but scoring. This optional exam consist 2 papers of 2 sections each:

  • Paper 1- Sec A: Ancient History; Sec B: Medieval History
  • Paper 2- Sec A: Modern History; Sec B: World History

Topics Covered in History optional Paper 1:-

  • Sources
  • Pre-History and Proto-History
  • Indus Valley Civilization
  • Megalithic Cultures
  • Aryans and Vedic Period
  • Period of Mahajanapadas
  • Mauryan Empire
  • Post-Mauryan Period
  • Early Stage and Society in Eastern India, Deccan and South India
  • Guptas, Vakatakas, and Vardhanas
  • Regional States during Gupta Era
  • Themes in Early Indian Cultural History
  • Early Medieval India (750-1200)
  • Cultural Traditions in India
  • The Thirteenth Century
  • The Fourteenth Century
  • The Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Century
  • Akbar
  • Mughal Empire in the Seventeenth Century
  • Economy and Society
  • Culture during Mughal Empire
  • The Eighteenth Century

Topics Covered in History Optional Paper 2:-

  • European Penetration into India
  • British Expansion in India
  • Early structure of the British Raj
  • Economic Impact of British Colonial Rule
  • Social and Cultural Developments
  • Indian Response to British Rule
  • Constitutional Developments In Colonial India Between 1858-1935
  • Other strands in the National Movement
  • Politics of Separatism
  • Consolidation as a Nation
  • Caste and Ethnicity after1947
  • Economic Development and Political Change
  • Enlightenment and Modern Ideas
  • Origin of Modern Politics
  • Industrialization
  • Nation-State System
  • Imperialism and Colonialism
  • Revolution and Counter Revolution
  • World Wars
  • The World after World War II
  • Liberation from Colonial Rule
  • Decolonization and Underdevelopment
  • Unification of Europe
  • Disintegration of Soviet Union and the Rise of Unipolar World

Economics Optional in UPSC:-

Economics is another major optional subject in UPSC IAS examination. Economics is not as popular as some other optional like geography and public administration yet is one of the most scoring optional subjects in UPSC exam. There are several past years’ toppers who had chosen Economics optional and scored highest marks in the examination. Economics is also an important part of the General Studies (GS) Paper of UPSC, as it covers 60% syllabus GS Paper III of UPSC Mains.

Topics under Economics Optional Paper I:-

  • Advanced Micro Economics
  • Advanced Macro Economics
  • Money Banking and Finance
  • International Economics
  • Growth and Development

Topics under Economics Optional Paper II:-

  • The Pre-Liberalization Era
  • The Post-Liberalization Era

UPSC IAS aspirants should have a deeper knowledge of each era, pre and post Independence. The best preparation can be done by practicing more and more last year’s questions and choosing best guides. Yojna IAS provides best and knowledgeable books for better preparation.


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Yojna IAS History and Economics For UPSC and IAS Exam Book

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