Toppers Academy Foundation chemistry books for IIT-JEE/NEET/ Class 9

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For all of the students, IIT is the preference here to go for the engineering as it is the top most of the top prestigious institutes, which give here the best of the best quality education. For going in here the students to many of the IITs, an entrance exam which is the JEE is organized each year. It takes a lot of effort here and also the hard work to solve the JEE as there are many of the other students, who here give it every year. For this purpose, many of the students began their preparation for the JEE from the class 9 as this will give them many of the time to do all the topics in a top most way possible way. The IIT preparation for class 9 is many of the here for students as there is a lot of competition for securing a seat in the IIT.

Few reasons as per why one should start IIT JEE preparation early-

It will give you Confidence

JEE preparation needs a lot of time and requires a good amount of patience too if you want to be top most in the exam. If you began in the early and go for IIT JEE class 9 books for start of the you will have a most of time to plan and practice. This might raise your confidence level.

Will Save Money on the Coaching

Starting early will provide an edge for the students who began in class 11. These students have to get in the coaching classes as they will have a big syllabus to put in very few time. But by began early, you have here known the basics in a good way. You have cleared here the most of the IIT depended questions for the class 9 and here know the basics too. This give you here to save money .

 Need not take No Year- gap

The very important thing is one won’t have to waste a year for the exam here which many people take. Many students take a year off after class 12 so that they will get a best rank in the JEE exam. But you are very well- ahead of the students in aspects of the syllabus and here you wont have to take a gap.

Every great thing get the has single thing in common: the strong foundation. As the competition for exams like the NEET and JEE is going to be getting tougher, students will have to prepare for these exams from a starting age. The Foundation Program for the JEE and NEET is here for the specific need by making sure the strong fundamentals.

Planning from an beginning stage will also give the lot of time to students to get to know the complicated aspects of topics. The referring of the Foundation course book will give you the mentorship for the students here to get familiar with lot of the the many aspects of the everyday exams, and also many of the joined in careers. The experienced mentors will make the analytical skills and also the abilities of students, here to be developing of an idea here of creativity, scientific thinking, and a competitive temperament. As a idea, each of the student be a strong contender here for the Board examinations and also for the competitive exams like the NTSE, Olympiads, KVPY and many more.

Toppers Academy Foundation chemistry books for IIT-JEE/NEET/ Class 9

The syllabus here which is included in the Topper’s Academy foundation book for the class 9 students includes the chemistry topics of the class 9 board and along with the class 11 and 12 topics too for the IIT JEE. It has topics like

1. Organic Chemistry

Purification & Characterization of organic compounds, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Organic compounds , Biomolecules and Polymers and more basic principles of Organic Chemistry.

2. Inorganic Chemistry

Chemical Properties of Elements & Periodicity in Properties, Hydrogen & its compounds, S-block elements (alkali & alkaline earth metals), Coordination Compounds and more

3. Physical Chemistry

Some basic concepts in Chemistry, States of Matter, Chemical bonding & molecular structure, Chemical Thermodynamics, Atomic Structure and more.

This book has the various key concepts of the chapter which will help you in the revision here and plus also the various MCQ and problems based on each topic here. The solutions are also provided here and also past years questions are included too.

Total number of chapter included in this book is 11 from class 9 and related problems from class 11 and 12 are included here too.

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Foundation chemistry books for IIT-JEENEET Class 9

Toppers Academy Foundation chemistry books for IIT-JEE/NEET/ Class 9

350.00500.00 (-30%)

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